Olana was born from founder, Jodie-Leigh's affinity with timeless fashion, love for all things French and a romantic nostalgic heart. The line is inspired by vintage designs in premium fabrics creating elevated, yet wearable pieces. Olana is to inspire others to carefully consider & curate the story they would like their clothes to tell. Pieces which implore you to live out your most beautiful, memorable days, the ones where time stands still and you revisit in more mundane times.

Our Vision 

A lover of past muses, romantic notion and nostalgic travel. We collect moments and ideas from a time and world that we want to be part of. We are captivated by the free-spirited woman with an inner confidence and appreciation for the simple things in life. The kind of woman who values her raw femininity and seeks out simple pleasures in every moment she can. Our aim is to create something that can represent and transport women to their chosen moment in time. To empower women to feel confident and effortlessly embrace their femininity. 

Our Style

Olana was born out of a desire to create a capsule wardrobe of simplicity, charm and timelessness and offers a fresh, contemporary take on classic, nostalgic garments. Understated and effortless, each Olana piece evokes a sense of ease and wonder and bestows a subtle chicness that whispers 'I just threw this on'. Fusing together sophistication and sensuality, Olana offers a unique style that is simultaneously refined and casual, elegant and cool. Olana represents a firmly feminine lifestyle where women can imagine living out their most beautiful, memorable days. 

Our Approach

Each garment in the collection is made to order in our studio in the north of England and is carefully put together by a small team of artisan dressmakers with over 50 years experience in the UK's fashion industry. The process for creating each garment involves designing, cutting, stitching, steaming, labelling, packaging and sending to each of our customers personally. Our small scale production line and made-to-order approach means that we are able to strive for as minimal waste on resources and fabrics as possible.

Our Conscience

Determined not to be part of the fast fashion carousel, we aim to create key, trusted, classic pieces with great cut and lasting style. Olana positions itself as part of a conscious, soulful, slow-fashion movement. We are incredibly passionate about our fabrics and work with some of the oldest and most prestigious fabric houses in the UK - many of them are still small family run businesses. From design to production, everything is lovingly considered and skilfully crafted to bring you garments of beauty, substance and quality. Each garment is designed with the intention of holding a place in your wardrobe (and your hearts) for always. 

Our Process

Each Olana pattern is carefully hand cut from luxury, sustainably sourced fabric and is pieced together by hand using nothing other than a traditional sewing machine, a good eye and a steady hand. The dressmaking journey concludes by hand pressing, folding and wrapping each Olana order and hand delivering it to the post office where it is signed off on it's voyage to it's lovely new owner.

A brand for women made by women.