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Our Story.

Olana was founded in 2018 by me, Jodie-Leigh; a lover of coffee and croissants, pasta and wine and all things French...a Yorkshire girl with one foot in the Pennines and the other in Paris.

A working mum with an abundant love of family, travel and precious moments, I value simplicity, elegance, truth and kindness and treasure the special relationships I have with people in my life. In particular, the strong female friendships that have served to support and steer me to the point of building my vision in Olana. My husband, without question, is my rock and has held my hand through all of my biggest adventures, Olana being no exception. My daughter, Olive, is the main inspiration behind the brand name and my dream is for her to grow up loving what I've created in Olana and for her to be proud of her Mama. 

I've always been driven by the arts and creative expression - sewing included, thanks to both my lovely Grandmothers - and for as long as I can remember, I've had an affinity with clothing; particularly classic, uncomplicated and chic designs. I love how clothing can give you a certain feeling, how it can transport you to a different place or special moment in time. For me, clothing is so much more than just a way to conceal - it's a little piece of you that you're choosing to reveal to the world.

I hope you choose Olana. x

Our style.

Olana was born out of a desire to create a summer capsule wardrobe of simplicity, charm and timelessness, Olana offers a fresh, contemporary take on classic, nostalgic summer pieces. Understated and effortless, each Olana piece evokes a sense of ease and wonder and bestows a subtle chicness that whispers 'I just threw this on'. Fusing together sophistication and sensuality, Olana offers a unique style that is simultaneously refined and casual, elegant and cool. 

Our fabrics.

Olana sources the most beautiful and luxurious natural linen and cotton fabrics from some of Europe's finest textile producers; our aim being to do away with the cheap thrill, focus on the meaningful and return to the authentic. Linen, a fabric even more ancient than writing, is a most extraordinary fibre and has long been a symbol of elegance and personal luxury. Strong, breathable and renewable, linen has the rare characteristic of becoming more soft and beautiful with age and time. Each Olana item is crafted using the most sumptuous natural linen and linen/cotton blend fabrics making each piece pure, long lasting and uniquely beautiful. Sustainable by nature, linen and cotton are biodegradable fabrics that require no chemicals to be processed into a textile. The fibres within our fabrics are environmentally friendly throughout their entire life cycle and offer respect to both people and planet.  A precious gift of nature, linen dates back thousands of years and yet still remains incredibly modern; it's beauty and elegance standing the real test of time.

Our  approach.

Other than our very modest stockpile of just 3-5 items per design, each garment in the collection is made to order in our studio in the north of England and is carefully put together by a small team of dressmakers with over 50 years experience in the UK's fashion industry. The process for creating each garment involves designing, cutting, stitching, steaming, labelling, packaging and sending to each of our customers personally. Our small scale production line and made-to-order approach means that we are able to strive for as minimal waste on resources and fabrics as possible.

Our conscience. 

Determined not to be part of the fast fashion carousel, we aim to create key, trusted, classic pieces with great cut and lasting style. Using the fibre of both the past and the future, Olana positions itself as part of a conscious, soulful, slow-fashion movement. From design to production, everything is lovingly considered and skilfully crafted to bring you garments of beauty, substance and quality. 

A brand for women made by women.