Timeless, vintage-inspired garments designed & handmade in England

Olana represents a firmly feminine lifestyle where women can imagine living out their most beautiful, memorable days. Fusing together sophistication and sensuality, Olana offers a unique style that is simultaneously refined and casual, elegant and cool. By combining the soul and aesthetics of the romantic free spirit with a careful and conscious approach to both planet and people, Olana garments are designed with the intention of holding a place in your wardrobe, and your heart, for always.

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Girls like you deserve a love that always feels like summer

Olana is for timeless free-spirits who value substance, quality and raw femininity. Girls who lift up their skirt to let the sun kiss their legs, who end up barefoot, dancing in the street after too many wines, who wear dresses on bicycles and relish the summer breeze blowing against their bare skin. An Olana girl strips back the excess, focuses on the meaningful and makes a return to timeless charm.

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