Girls like you deserve a love that always feels like summer...

Olana is for timeless free-spirits who value substance, quality and raw femininity. Girls who lift up their skirt to let the sun kiss their legs, who end up barefoot, dancing in the street after too many wines, who wear dresses on bicycles and relish the summer breeze blowing against their bare skin. For girls who find beauty in the simplest of things: watching the sunrise peep through the shutters, escaping in the melody of a familiar song or tasting the sweetness of the night’s first sip of wine. Girls who value the authentic and cherish substance and quality as much in their morning coffee as they do in their vintage pearls. An Olana girl strips back the excess, focuses on the meaningful and makes a return to timeless style.

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Olana creates key, trusted, classic pieces with great cut and lasting style. Each garment is hand crafted in England using the finest, most luxurious linen fabric, each and every button is hand sewn by a small team of artisan dressmakers and each order hand wrapped with love and care. Olana positions itself as part of a conscious, soulful, slow-fashion movement. From design to production, everything is lovingly considered and skilfully crafted to bring you garments of beauty, substance and quality. Designed with the intention of holding a place in your wardrobe (and your hearts) for always.

Olana Spring Summer 2020 Video