In a world of fast fashion, automatic machinery and soulless techniques, Olana offers a personal and devoted approach to dressmaking. We employ traditional dressmaking techniques using the most sumptuous fabrics to bring you garments of style, substance and quality. 

Our Process

All of our garments are made to order by a specialist team of artisan dressmakers in the north of England. Each Olana pattern is carefully hand cut from luxury, sustainably sourced fabric and is pieced together by hand using nothing other than a traditional sewing machine, a good eye and a steady hand. Our beautiful fabric covered buttons are all individually created by hand-cutting precise, circular pieces of fabric which we use to envelop traditional disc buttons. These are then meticulously married up to button holes using a good old fashioned tape measure and are completed by delicately hand sewing them to each garment. The dressmaking journey concludes by hand pressing, folding and wrapping each Olana order and hand delivering it to the post office where it is signed off on it's voyage to it's lovely new owner.

Hand crafted with love and care.